An exhibition and work space for art and cultural events located in the heart of Munich, Germany.


Managing Director

Elena Fedorova founded the Munich-based Art and Media Consulting Agency Alen GmbH in 2013. Besides her consultancy work with clients from a variety of sectors, she also manages her own projects in the fields of photography, art and media, supporting and exhibiting them in her gallery Atelier Alen.

From July 2008 to December 2012, Elena Fedorova was Managing Director of the German TV station “Das Vierte”. She had previously worked as Executive Manager and Producer for various television projects in Russia and beyond, and was editor-in-chief for the Russian TV station REN-TV, founded in Moscow in 1997, until 2005. 

Fedorova studied Linguistics and subsequently produced political documentaries for the Moscow studio of the German television broadcaster ZDF as well as for a number of other European and American TV channels.

Artistic Director

Anatoly Rudakov was previously renowned as a highly successful cameraman, having shot documentaries and news reports worldwide for over thirty years. After graduating as a documentary cameraman from the illustrious Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography, Moscow, he worked for the Geneva and London offices of the Soviet television services. Over the course of his career as cameraman, he worked with ZDF, CBS, CNN, BBC and many others. 

In 2008, Rudakov moved to Munich and decided to follow his life-long passion for fine art photography by taking up professional photography and working as the Artistic Director of Atelier Alen.

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