Anatoly Rudakovs solo exhibition at CICA Museum, Gimpo, South Korea

Living Pictures – Film Translated in Photography

CICA Museum
August 2  –  August 6 , 2017
2017.08.02. – 08.06

Anatoly Rudakov, video still, Aquamarine, 2017, All rights reserved.


The photographs of Anatoly Rudakov present highly subtle and novel depictions of our environment. With a filmmaker’s eye he captures his subjects in motion and he forever succeeds, thanks to the particular empathy and sensitivity of his approach, in disclosing their hidden dimensions, drawing them, as it were, from a world of dreams. Characteristic of Rudakov’ s photographs is their seemingly painterly style, which shows close affinity with works from the Impressionist period. His photographs are taken in the profound yet breezy manner of a Turner or a Monet, but are guided by an original and contemporary mode of perception. In the 21st century, as in any other century or decade before, it is possible to perceive art in such different ways – be it through the institutional visit or the mobile digital variant – cell phone and co. Not only the advantages of conservation makes video to the trend in art nowdays. First of all, through video, artists get new opportunities to express their creative ideas. Anatoly Rudakov works exclusively digitally and thus moves in the current time of the photographic recording and reproduction. The photograph as a digital stamp transferred to classic media can be seen as a sign of human nostalgia. Remotely remote and perhaps even freed from this antiquated representation, he is concerned with his photographic work, whose origin is to be found in the movement, to create a corresponding equivalent of their mode of representation and, at the same time, reception. Anatoly Rudakov’s multiimage dynamic video shows are the result of his artistic intention. The generic movement in his images is underlined by the transition effect, the way he combines one image with the next one. The viewer witnesses the genesis of a new image. 60 photographs are combined trough unique „floating“ effect in a particular sequence to form a 60 minute in 4k video. Rudakov has developed a striking means of uniting artistic and stylistic aspects of classical photography with the cutting-edge techniques of digital photography. He thus opens up new interpretative possibilities to the viewer and offers a reorientation towards the medium of photography and its aesthetic analysis.